Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No I will NOt Hold it while you pee!

As I get older I become much more comfertable in my own skin and in the world. Things don't shock me anymore! Tonight I had a table of three men. Young men, and I got a little excited (I shouldn't of) I personaly find 30 something men the most enjoyable to talk to. But it became very clear that they were a little sexest and alot drunk when they arrived. We had some whitty banter and laughs. But when the loudest and rudest of the 3 asked where the washroom and I in turn lead him there, he then turned around and asked if I would hold it for him too. I simply replyed not thanks. Others around me where in shock and I simply walked away! GO ME. And yes for the record No I will not hold it while you pee.

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