Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Drink you must Drink of the Day

After a big rich meal! Sip away and enjoy on a chilly Fall night.

No I will NOt Hold it while you pee!

As I get older I become much more comfertable in my own skin and in the world. Things don't shock me anymore! Tonight I had a table of three men. Young men, and I got a little excited (I shouldn't of) I personaly find 30 something men the most enjoyable to talk to. But it became very clear that they were a little sexest and alot drunk when they arrived. We had some whitty banter and laughs. But when the loudest and rudest of the 3 asked where the washroom and I in turn lead him there, he then turned around and asked if I would hold it for him too. I simply replyed not thanks. Others around me where in shock and I simply walked away! GO ME. And yes for the record No I will not hold it while you pee.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everyone wants to act?

I have never served in the heart of a big city before, and am slowly finding out that everyone that is a waiter is either an actor, gay or both. As someone who could honestly care less about being in front of a camera i feel kinda left out. All the chatter in the hallways is about head shots and auditions and i am really feeling the push aside. "I'm really into sports I say" No one care...... In the world of waiters and servers, bartenders and cooks, everyone is doing something else. No one is a server. Everyone has a day job is just waiting for that brake. Am i different? Yes. Is that bad? No. Now i just need something intersting to tell people about myself other then ya i'm straight. but thanks for asking.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ok People enough with Jager Bomb Business

I'm over it....enough said !

My Drink you must Drink

Ok so on the weekend, my boyfriend and i hosted a little UFC partyness, and of course randoms showed up! But this was not all bad i tell you; these randoms i speak of left me a gift. They left a bottle of Cosmo, now i am no Cosmo girl so; Sunday evening while relaxing i grabbed this bottle of pre-mixed 15% Cosmo and added Cambord or ya i did...and....FAB...So GOOD .....DRINK IT so good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Got the Job. I am Offical a Server Again!!!!

Well, I'm glad that you are all with me in this journey of serving others food. Now i now you all might judge but I don't care. It's fun it's scandlous and it's my fucking job. From here on out i will be blogging on the day to day randomness that is my life, and thanks for tuning in