Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok lovers, i have an interview this afternoon, wish me luck. I'm a little nervous.
fingers cross

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gifts I Would Love to Get

Now this is the part of my blog that I call Gifts I WANT. Cool Gift ideas.

If you unable to shake? or stir? Well have i saved your day!

Cocktail Cyclone


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your Late Night Yummy

My Wine Picks



My all time fav ever!!!!!!

Drink it yo

10 Drinks Men Should NEVER Drink

1. Anything blended.
2. Jello Shots, Neon Shooters..
3. Fruity drinks with garnish then booze..
4. Cosmo's.
5. Twirly Straws, girls use them to look coy, men just
6. Whipcream topped
7. Anything with that ends in "tini"
8. White Zin
9. Anything Pink
10. Fruited Malt drinks

Drink you must Drink of the Day

Blueberry Vodka is the Shit. Enough said

try with sprite or 7 up

Who Does She Think She IS????

So by this time you must be thinking; "who does this bitch think she is" ? Well I promise I am young but i have been doing this as long as i can remember, besides the short stint in sales i just got out of I've never done anything else. Wine, Spirts and Beer is the blood in my body. I have worked in fine dining, 5 star resorts in french inns and in a bikini on the beach. And so in turn have seen it all.

I have been hissed at, cursed out and hit on, all in the same night. I have storys of bubbly and naked ocean dives by moon light, and drucken step fathers throwing food at there wives. I wanted a place to write it all down, here it is. Enjoy


Welcome to adventures in Serving, I love blogs and what I love most is the people behind the blogs. the interesting lives they live and the comments they have about the world around them. I wanted an outlet to be myself and show who I really am and can be. On monday I quit my job in Sales( horriable) and I am entering into a life of Serving all over again. The Life of Sex and Booze that I totaly thought i have left befind for ever. Nope, so stay with me friends and watch as i get into trouble and maybe have some fun.