Thursday, September 11, 2008

Everyone wants to act?

I have never served in the heart of a big city before, and am slowly finding out that everyone that is a waiter is either an actor, gay or both. As someone who could honestly care less about being in front of a camera i feel kinda left out. All the chatter in the hallways is about head shots and auditions and i am really feeling the push aside. "I'm really into sports I say" No one care...... In the world of waiters and servers, bartenders and cooks, everyone is doing something else. No one is a server. Everyone has a day job is just waiting for that brake. Am i different? Yes. Is that bad? No. Now i just need something intersting to tell people about myself other then ya i'm straight. but thanks for asking.

1 comment:

Lizard said...

There is still time to convert you! Lord know's my team loves their sports.

Miss you :)